Digital Boost 2.0

Digital Boost 2.0 is a program that helps New Brunswick companies start their digital journey. The program provides funding to companies wishing to work with a qualified technology provider for creating a digital strategy.

Digital Boost 2.0 will reimburse 75% of $26,600 to a maximum payout of $20,000 per company. If the digital strategy does not cost $26,600, the remaining funding may go towards your first project implementation. Click on the Digital Boost 2.0 Overview (PDF) link to learn more.

The Digital Boost 2.0 program is managed by TechImpact. Its mission is to help the Atlantic region embrace and accelerate IT adoption and innovation as the cornerstone of its economic future.

Our sponsor, Babin Després Consultants Inc., is a Qualified Technology Provider for Digital Boost 2.0. If you have any questions about Digital Boost 2.0, feel free to contact them at